Bird flu is a very fatal and contagious disease which can only be treated through vaccines tailor made to cure this disease. The vaccine has been produced from the critical apparatus of the deadly H5N1 virus that has confounded bird populations in Europe and Southeast Asia and has killed more than 80 people. The latest vaccine includes a living virus which is more immune active compared to the avian flu vaccines which were traditionally prepared. Sanofi Pasteur Inc. is the producer of this vaccine which later on has been purchased by the Federal Government named as U.S. National Stockpile.
Since this disease has greater prospect of getting spread there it has been stockpiled for distribution to public in case bird flu gets widespread. Since this type of vaccine is produced in the cell itself therefore it will have a wide applicability in preventing the disease from spreading both in animals and human beings. This vaccine has been first tested on animals and the results were mind blowing. They not only cured the disease but also boosted the immunity towards H5N1 virus.

To protect human beings from bird flu, the most virulent disease is within reach after a new discovery by scientists at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Since this disease is new to the world there and people not being immune to such disease, hence vaccine for curing such disease is a difficult task but in the coming year we will have a proper vaccine for it. Scientists believe that they can hopefully get a way out from this trauma.

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