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Diseases List – Diseases & Conditions Portal

Disease List – Get Facts Diseases Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Heart and circulatory system-related problems are always a cause for alarm – you’ll never know what will happen since heart & cardiovascular system attacks are said to always come like a thief in the night. Most people in this generation have been leading unhealthy lifestyles. People are partying more, drinking more, smoking, etc. In the United States of America and Europe alone, circulatory system disorders are the leading cause of death of most people, young and old. So if you want to get the best after stroke rehabilitation treatment for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll find the perfect…

This specific issue is extremely significant since just about one quarter of persons cease to live because of cardiovascular disease in primary developed nations. It’s the primary cause of mortality in the US, Canada, the British Isles and a lot of other countries around the world. You could learn even more in relation to Heart Disease. Additionally, this area is really critical because reduced body oxygen quantity is the principal property and the critical issue in persons with cardiovascular disease. Subsequently, let us take into account final results of medical experiments relating to most popular breathing pattern in people with…

Arthritis is a condition with stiff joints. This disease affects the joint. The word arthritis came from the Greek word arthon which means join and Latin word inflammation. The arthritis affects people above the age of 50. It rarely affect below 30 ages.  In USA about 48 million people in USA are affected with this joint inflammation.  Coronary heart disease leads to heart attack. The arthritis covers about 100 medical conditions.  Arthritis and heart disease often occurs simultaneously.  The people who have arthritis are more prone to heart disease or heart attack. The bones in our body are connected by…

Most of the people have the same question about a relation between a heart attack and arthritis. Yes, there is am link between heart disease and arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis. More than 2 millions of Americans are affected by it. It involves with different types of problems such as joints causing pain, stiffness, warmth, redness and difficult movement. It also hampers the work of internal organs. A person with RA could be accompanied by several symptoms of fever, weakness, and anemia. This is the only diseases that cause body tissues to suffer…

Heart transplant is a surgery which involves the replacement of the very weak heart of a patient with another healthy heart of a donor. This procedure is carried out persons are in the last stage of severe heart disease or very severe Coronary heart disease such that the heart has almost ceased to function. The patient’s own heart is either removed or in some cases kept along with the donor heart to support it. Heart transplants cannot be performed on all the patients. Patients suffering from circulation problems, kidney, lungs or lever diseases and over aged are not suitable for…